Why not start from scratch?

When planning a new OER, it is essential to build on what already exists. Maybe someone has already created content on the very topic I now want to do as well? Instead of starting from scratch in this situation, it is much better and easier to look for the other content and adapt it so that it fits my planned content.

Even more often, such a remix is possible when it comes to ‘raw materials’ that I use for my project. This can be, for example, images or graphics that someone else has created and made available openly licensed.

It is important that I only re-use openly licensed and public domain materials within my OER. Because with other people’s copyrighted content, a later publication of my remixed material would not be legally permitted. Even if I myself live in a region where copyright law does not apply or is not applied in this way, I should not use copyrighted content. Because then publishing and using would probably be possible in my region – but not in many other regions.

What about your planned OER: Have you researched materials that you can remix? To what extent have you been successful? Are these materials openly licensed so that they are legally safe to re-use?

If you have any questions about remixing or would like to share your experiences, please leave a reply.