In a nutshell: what to do within ‘remix’

Questions and suggestions

Thanks to Open Educational Resources (OER), not every project has to start from scratch. Instead, you can search for existing materials and remix them. Here we want to consider how this can be done practically in the planned projects.

We would like to invite all project partners to take the following steps:

  • For planned content, consider what previous work by other people you might be able to build on. You can find some arguments in our post ‘Why not start from scratch?
  • For content that you have already created, check whether there is any copyright-protected content among it. If so, look for alternatives. We are happy to help with any questions!
  • Read our blog post about possible search strategies and check, how they fit for your region or what other search strategies you can choose. In order to do so, we encourage you to look for OER actors in your region and write a post about your findings. We already found an interesting paper about the situation of OER in China.

In addition to comments and questions, we invite you to write your own post outlining your approach to remixing content within the project.