Introduction to H5P

How to create interactive content?

A wonderful tool for creating OER is the open source software H5P. H5P stands for HTML5 Package. The tool, which is base on Javascript, can be used to create interactive online educational materials. The special thing about H5P is that content can be created very easily and that created content can be shared anywhere on the web and that it can be easily reused. There is also a wide variety of content types. You can find an overview on the website On this website you can also set up an account to create H5P content on a trial basis. If you want to use H5P in the long term, there are plugins for Moodle, Drupal or WordPress, for example.

The focus of the content types is on creating content for practising and testing. However, there are also numerous content types that are wonderfully suited for presentations. For example, course presentation, interactive video or the interactive book.

Maybe you would like to try H5P? If you have any questions, I would be happy to help.

This video explains H5P in more detail:

What do you think? Can H5P be useful for you when creating OER? Would you like to work with it? Or maybe you already have experience with the software that you would like to share? Please leave your ideas and questions as a reply.