Mini OER Learning Snacks Nr. 4 – How do I license my OER?

Hello and welcome to the fourth issue of “Mini OER Learning Snacks”!

Your OER is slowly taking shape and you can’t wait to share it with others. Before you can present your OER to the world, first, let’s imagine how it could be used. Is that even necessary, you may ask, since it is an open educational resource? Indeed, because there are different levels of openness, it is still necessary to define exactly what the keyword “open” entails.

Oftentimes, even when educational resources are openly available, the authors might want to require credit, or restrict the re-use to non-commercial purposes, or require that no changes be made to the resource. Open licences help legitimise these requirements.

We have gotten to know the Creative Commons licences, which could help reserve some rights for the authors. It is a crucial task for authors as licensors to decide where they want to draw the line between ownership and free distribution. Still, the CC licences most suitable for OER are CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA.

Our question for you this week: How do you plan to licence the material that you are creating for the Summer School? Would it be possible to keep it as open as possible, e.g. CC0 or CC BY? Please reflect on your choice of licence and share with everyone your idea by leaving a comment down below.

An archive of the Mini OER Learning Snacks can be found here on our blog.

Best regards,
Phuong & Nele