Mini OER Learning Snacks Nr. 3 – The importance of attribution

Hello and welcome to the third issue of “Mini OER Learning Snacks”!

Now that we have known where and how to find OER, let’s tackle the next question: How to reuse and remix correctly? In essence, knowing how to reuse and remix an OER means understanding its licence type and the obligations it entails. A licence dictates if an OER can be reused and remixed.

The most common licence type for OER are the Creative Commons licences. Creative Commons licences are open licences, which means that they reserve some rights for the licensors while permitting the reuse and even the remix of the material. Those rights are:

  • BY (Attribution)
  • SA (ShareAlike)
  • NC (NonCommercial)
  • ND (NoDerivatives)

During our workshop on OER in March, we have covered the basics of Creative Commons licences. You can find the presentation here. Our most important learnings were that only certain CC licences are suitable for OER (CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA) and how to attribute correctly. This means for all CC licences, except for CC0, you have to credit the title, name of the creator, name and link to the licence and the URl (where you found it) of the material.

Our prompt this week for you: Last week, you have reflected on the material that you have found and used. This week, take some time to check if you have given attribution correctly. If you plan to use copyrighted material, let’s discuss what would be the best way to give credit. You can simply leave a comment down below.

An archive of the Mini OER Learning Snacks can be found here on our blog.

Best regards,

Phuong & Nele