Mini OER Learning Snacks Nr. 1 – Have I understood OER?

Hello and welcome to the first issue of “Mini OER Learning Snacks”!

This week, let us together reflect on our understanding of Open Educational Resources. During the past few weeks, we have been answering the following questions together:

  1. What are Open Educational Resources? How do OER differ from other educational resources? 
  2. What is open licencing? What are the types of open licences?
  3. What could the formats of OER be?
  4. What are the tools available to help create OER?
  5. How do you publish OER?

We hope that the answers came up in your mind as you were reading the questions. But even if you weren’t able to answer all of them, don’t worry! This is exactly why we are starting this newsletter.

Our question this week for you is: Which materials that you are creating for the Summer School could/should be OER? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

Best regards,

Phuong & Nele